The following are MPLT Resolutions. Please click on the link at the right to download.

Resolution Summary Download
08-01 A Resolution to consider and approve the reduction of interest rate of loan portfolio of the MPLT. PDF Document Download
08-03 A Resolution in terms in making an investmentin the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation... PDF Document Download
09-01 A Resolution Approving Modifications and Revisions to the MPLT Home Loan Program... PDF Document Download
09-05 Board of Trustees approval of the purchase of land suitable for the construction of an office building... PDF Document Download
09-06 A Resolution to re-balance and undertake an asset allocation of the portfolio of the MPLT Funds Corpus... PDF Document Download
09-07 A Resolution to inform the municipality of Tinian of terms and conditions MPLT would require... PDF Document Download
10-01 A Resolution authorizing any two Trustee to issue instructions with Citigroup Global Markets Inc... PDF Document Download
10-02 Approval of Service Agreement with International Management Limited... PDF Document Download
10-03 A Resolution approving further policy conditions relating to the MPLT Home Loan Program... PDF Document Download
10-04 The accounting records of MPLT shall be adjusted to reflect and include all unrestricted funds... PDF Document Download
10-05 To adopt policy on any debts/advances owed to MPLT by Trustees, staff, or consultants... PDF Document Download
10-06 A Resolution to adopt ERISA Section 405 and 406 (b)(3) as to MPLT fiduciary policy... PDF Document Download
10-07 To amend 10-07on MPLT's Investement Promissory Note with CUC to invest additional $4M... PDF Document Download
10-08 A Resolution to recognize the previous loan to the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation... PDF Document Download
10-10-A-2 A Resolution approving further policy conditions relating to the MPLT Home Loan Program... PDF Document Download
10-12 A Resolution approving last recourse measures for delinquent borrowers PDF Document Download
11-05 A Resolution to approve and investment with the Commonwealth Development Authority... PDF Document Download
12-1-A A $4.58 milliont line of credit to CHCC... PDF Document Download
12-2 The MPLT Trustees have as their constitutional mandate the prudent management and stewardship of funds PDF Document Download
16-001 A Resolution authorizing investment with Tinian municipality - $1.349 million PDF Document Download
16-002 A Resolution establishing reasonable compensation of a Trustee for work services performed for MPLT... PDF Document Download
17-001-A A Trustee Compensation PDF Document Download
19-001-A Investment amended resolution - To enter into loan agreement with the CNMI Government PDF Document Download
19-003 Mortgage Loan Servicing Agreement with City Trust Bank PDF Document Download
20-001 Resolution approving a 90 day deferment on home loan due to COVID-19 PDF Document Download


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